I am Guneet Bhatia, an aspiring novelist and healthcare professional who intends to live a nomadic life with a vision to empathetically touch as many lives as a person can during his or her lifetime.

I work as Co-Founder and Director of Patient Relationship at MediGence Inc., a technology-assisted medical assistance company. For several years, I have worked as a freelance medical writing professional and have delivered services to more than a dozen clients located across the globe ranging from pharmaceutical and medical tourism companies to independent physicians and healthcare IT firms. I have also worked with a few online publications as a science and health journalist.

One of my favorite moments was to interview That Sugar Film’s director and producer, Damon Gameau. Raising awareness about what hidden sugars can actually do to your body, he indeed did a phenomenal job with the documentary!

Guest blogging is yet another hobby that I have. Feel free to explore some of my previously published guest blogs:

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Apart from the job that I am into, I continue to write a lot on healthcare, including several aspects related to medical tourism.

A lot of my time goes to social causes, from meeting people in dire need of emotional support to  physical and psychological health counseling of young children. I have been an active supporter of women’s rights and firmly believe that securing their health through a holistic approach is the need of the hour.

I am also a recycling enthusiast. There is this small initiative that I took along with my husband that intends to recycle things in the most unimaginative and creative ways. Recycling waste is a way to keep out planet Earth healthy, isn’t it? For me, everything comes down to health no matter what you do in life.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget about the difference that we can bring about in this world, in people, and in ourselves. This blog is an attempt to touch the lives of people who struggle with emotional, psychological, physical, and mental health issues every day, within the vicinity of their homes, workspaces, or favorite shopping malls.

This is just a long story cut short. Send me an email or leave a comment if you wish to dig deep into my personal or professional story!